Mac mini vs htpc 2012

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Although it does lack USB3. The theoretical limit of USB 2. My point being, that with FW or Thunderbolt, you are rock solid for transfer speeds. They will ask you, is that a Mac connected to your TV? This is what Apple does! They make shiny products that are easily recognized and look amazing. Posted February 15, at PM. Quote: How do you have the 12TB connected? Many external drives? Some kind of bay? Nas device? You have been extremely helpful.

I'm hoping a USB hub will work with the netgear wndr? I tried to look it up but could not find a definitive answer. Their support gave a vague answer.

Apple Mac mini Review (Mid 2010)

My old dell has many USB 2. I'm only asking since for now I have limited space under the main TV. I just received it few days ago. I'm also ordering two of the 3tb seagate backup plus drives. Id prob get three if I could find a lower price than amazon. Then I was also going to use the ssd to boot externally with thunderbolt adapter or maybe a purchase of the rugged LaCie. That's a very reasonable price, snap it up.

Hard to go wrong with Crucial in terms of reliability and support. I definitely agree with chefklc that the install procedure is not for the faint-hearted. I actually had a lot of fun doing it because it's been a while since I had to do that much physical work on a computer, and it gave me a lot of appreciation for the really outstanding work Apple put into the hardware design of the mini.

But it's a pretty complex procedure during which every single component of the machine is removed from the case, and unless you get a great deal of enjoyment out of doing that kind of thing, I'd echo the sentiment that going with an external ThunderBolt drive is probably far easier. I finally realized that I could use the recovery partition from the original drive to do it and that sped things up somewhat I had ordered an external 2. I also ran into another problem while trying to install Boot Camp on the mini - I hit the dreaded 0x error and the Windows 7 installer wouldn't install anything in the partition I'd created.

Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to disassemble the mini enough to be able to pop off one of the two drive controllers and then continue the install although, inevitably, I took the wrong one off and had to shut down, open the case again, replace the controller I'd disconnected and attach the other one, then put everything back together and start from scratch. Thanks Microsoft! The workaround is to disconnect one of the two drives, install the OS, and then reconnect the drive you disconnected once Win7 boots properly.

Thanks again for the advice!

Mac mini Late 2012 Teardown

When I do work like that, Unless I have to, I leave the case off until I know everything is running as it should be. At least the newer Minis are easier than the pervious models, such as the late , to get the case off.

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I have that joy when the HDD drive went bad. Getting the case off was the hardest part. There are many, many threads over on that Macrumors forum about replacing drives in the Mini I think he did answer the question as best as possible. We don't know which mini you have or you tech skills for such tasks. What may be very difficult for one, may be very easy for another.

The ifixit link would show you have to actually replace the physical drive.

Minis are a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. Just go slowly with the proper tools. The other threads are for the unexpected surprises that may be involved. Thus, it's possible to change the HDD with the SSD with installation problems, but you'll run into forest of problems with drivers and installing the OS.

PC to Mac: Mac mini buyer’s guide | Second Bite

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Okay, it was a very disappointed muffled shriek. I still feel queasy. I had lent them my Core2duo Mini, vintage ? I think. The sound continues. Any suggestions? Use another brand of computer for HTPC? My parents are annoyingly useless around computers so I have to do support. I've also forgotten anything I ever knew about Windows. Last edited: Jun 19, Algus macrumors regular. Jun 8, 83 Arizona. It is also, blessedly, user serviceable so you can tinker with the RAM and hard drive. The Apple TV 4 does sport the option to sign in to your cable provider uh no idea on how this works in Belgium though and the ability to install apps for different streaming stations.