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New option to set a default value for attributes. If the attribute ends up being blank, the default value you set will be used in its place. Preview of "Contents" will highlight matched text. Added "Capture date" attribute for image files.

2017 December

Can be accessed in the list of Spotlight attributes. User interface changes: Pop-up for destination folders no longer shows all referenced folders. The list is now limited to the last 8 accessed. Fetching iTunes library information should be faster and also no longer requires that iTunes share its XML file. Fixed hang when bringing up open panel to select file to preview. Seemed to occur in cases where there were symbolic links in the path. Fixed attributes not displaying any adjustment statuses like if there are any text replacements or numerical adjustments.

Fixed list of available custom attributes being cut-off after the third one. Fixed color label picker in conditions being too large and therefore getting cut off. Selecting "any month" in the recurrence picker now properly resets any other months that were previously selected. Updated look of the server browser. Dropped support for Flock and Camino as neither are developed anymore. Numerous minor fixes and tweaks. Core changes: Added support for iCloud trash folder. Previously, it would have matched the most recent file, ignoring other conditions.

Existing rules will be converted to preserve the old behavior by putting "is among the" conditions in their own nested conditions. Make sure to edit those rules if you'd like to adopt the new behavior. Hazel no longer ignores locked files, allowing rules using non-modifying actions like copy to process them. Fixed log rotation not happening if machine is turned off at the scheduled time. Various other fixes. Fixed crash when editing a rule using attributes that are no longer supported.

Pattern editor window should no longer appear in lower left corner of screen. Happens when one drags even slightly instead of clicks on the pattern field. Fixed pattern field not expanding when item is dragged in as opposed to typed or inserted by clicking on them. When editing a format pattern, example text now shows a date for custom date attributes. Various other fixes and tweaks. Core changes: Hazel will no longer prevent certain drives from being ejected indefinitely.

Fixed crash in rule preview when an error is caught. Fixed crash when either configuring or using the Upload action. Core changes: Fixed trash removal not working if secure delete is set on Sierra. Sync action should no longer leave temp folders in destination when syncing across drives.

Other internal fixes. User interface changes: No longer shows custom attributes in the attribute pop-up in a condition that is above the one where it is defined when the condition is moved. This was potentially resulting in rule corruption. Fixed issues navigating the completion drop down by keyboard in tag fields. Fixed not showing status of "any file" conditions in preview mode.

Visual fixes. Core changes: Fixed issue with rules using shellscripts being executed every time instead of just the first. Fixed Opera support. Fixed errors about corrupted rules. Various fixes for the tag field. Fixed crash in helper app. Miscellaneous internal fixes. Fixed the key file button not appearing in the upload interface when editing a server that uses SFTP.

Fixed the password not being filled in automatically in the upload interface when editing a server. Fixed crash when previewing a condition with a custom attribute on the lefthand side when the attribute doesn't match anything. Core changes: Last version introduced a bug where the "Set color label" action wouldn't work when setting the color to "none". Fixed crash when evaluating a condition with a custom attribute on the lefthand side when it doesn't match anything. For those affected, you will need to re-add the input attributes on those scripts.

This does not affect rules created on version 4.


Fixed various issues with tag fields, including problems inserting tags with a mix of characters and symbols. Now, by default, shows the quick folder pulldown in the file chooser on El Capitan instead of requiring you to click the "Options" button. Fixed a couple of crashes when editing rules. Fixed tool tips for buttons in the folder interface. Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks. Core changes: Last patch introduced problems with matching accented characters.

This has been remedied. Fixed rare bug where some files in subfolders may get skipped. Fixed error saving rules when creating a rule using the iTunes import action, with iTunes not set to share its XML file. Fixed discrepancies in iTunes' playlists depending on whether its XML file is shared or not. Fixed non-latin characters disappearing when editing a pattern.

Fixed tokens possibly disappearing when navigating in a pattern field. Fixed insertion point oddities when dragging a token into a pattern field. Fixed right-clicking "Rename" on a rule not working. Certain popovers should now try and flip around to make sure they are visible on screen. Can no longer select the monitored folder in preview since rules don't apply to it anyways.

The pop-up for the occurrence picker in rule conditions no longer grows too large, getting clipped. Fixed rule window sometimes widening when hovering over the color label picker. In-app store will now pre-populate web store with product and payment method if it transfers control over to it.

Core changes: Fixed docx files sometimes being categorized as Archives, again. Fixed Chrome downloads not being detected. Fixed formatting of dates when the system calendar isn't Gregorian. Particularly applicable to the ISO calendar which means that Hazel should now support ISO dates if you set your calendar appropriately. Fixed duplicate files not being thrown away in a timely manner.

Previously was assigning all years to the current century. The sync settings will no longer carry over the settings it happened to have from the previous time it was brought up. Fixed issues with the in-app store not working when the state field is not filled in. Updated some old help files referring to Hazel 3.

When editing a rule, you can pick a file to preview against and see how the rule's conditions match that file while editing. Rule syncing. You can now sync rules to a specific file. This can be done for multiple folders on the same machine, or across machines by using a file cloud service Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc. Sync options are available via the gear pulldown. Old rule preview interface expanded to a status interface. For files already processed, will show rule that matched and the last matched date. If there was an error, it will be displayed instead. Smart folders can now be monitored and have rules applied to their contents.

Rule search added. Entering search terms in the field will search across various fields in the rule and filter the rule list as appropriate. This allows you to sort into an existing folder based on only part of the folder name. When using this, note that the folder cannot be created for you automatically.

Improvements to "counter" attribute: Added option to use lowest number available. Default is still to always increase. Added option to use letters instead of numbers. Represents the top level folder being monitored by Hazel. Especially useful for rules that are synced, where the monitored folder varies and cannot be hardcoded. When using list-based attributes in a format pattern, you can pick any element 1st, 2nd 3rd, etc. Previously could only pick all items, the first item or the last item. Introduced pop-up help text in a couple places to help point out less-used features. Can now show invisible characters when editing patterns.

Use command-shift-i to toggle it on and off. Requires User interface changes: Notification options moved from gear pulldown to the "Info" section. They are app-wide settings, not per-folder, so it made more sense to put them there. Rules that are moved between folders will be deactivated. Likewise, if a rule is copied, the copy will be deactivated. There is a window of time between the copy and the edit where Hazel can run using the temporarily unwanted version of the rule.

The rule can be re-enabled by clicking its checkbox at the new location. Canceling rule edits will bring up a warning if changes have been made. Can now edit server settings for the Upload action. In the process, also made it smoother overall. Attributes which are lists of dates now have their own set of operators. Previously used the same operators as single dates which didn't actually work when the rule was evaluated.

Rule window is now resizable horizontally. Replace text window is now resizable. Added some instructional notes to sample rules. Updated app and document icons. When deleting a custom attribute, if it was in use, an alert would be shown. If you clicked cancel, the deleted attribute would not come back. Fixed rare case where the rule window comes up too short, cutting off the action at the bottom. Fixes to tag field behavior. Fixed a couple of hangs. Core changes: Fixed rules using "is among the Text replacements now work on numeric attributes.

Fixed case where error status on a file was not being cleared if the file ended up matching no rules. Rule evaluation engine will now forgo certain optimizations to ensure any custom attributes that can be matched will be. Improved loop detection. Should hopefully prevent some cases which will become even more common with the new Smart Folder support.

Fixed throwing away duplicates function only working on the top level folder and not in subfolders. Worker process will now reload rules between loops to catch any changes to rules. Fixed case where prediction time may not be assigned correctly. Small changes to make rules a bit less dependent on aspects of any specific host when synced or exported.

Numerous internal fixes, updates and cleanups. Version 3. Previously, Hazel was provided as a pref pane file that when double-clicked would launch System Preferences to install it. Unfortunately, Apple broke Gatekeeper in Since the installer being an app is allowed by Gatekeeper, it will hand off the pref pane to System Preferences to continue the installation. Core changes: The "Bring to front" option in the Open action is now working again. Internal updates Version 3.

Fixed rules not triggering when using "did change". Fixed file events being filtered out in cases where a nested condition used a "sub-file This resulted in the rule not being triggered properly. Fixed option key not bringing up the hidden debug switch in the "Info" section. Various VoiceOver fixes. UI fixes and tweaks. Core changes: Worked around Apple's broken handling of date formats when the system is set to certain non-US regions.

Hopefully this should alleviate instances of slow file operations in some cases while still not interfering with foreground processes. Text replacements no longer operate on text already replaced, for reals this time. Just use the "Import into Photos" action to import pictures into the album of your choice. User interface changes: Fixed output attributes for JavaScript being lost.

Can no longer rename an output attribute of a script to an existing custom attribute name. Fixed not being able to edit a rule which has a custom attribute in the lefthand side of a nested condition. Core changes: Text replacements no longer operate on text already replaced. Other fixes. Number fields in conditions now allow decimal values. When a condition defines a custom attribute, fixed not being able to switch to a different attribute even after confirming the alert that shows up.

When a condition defines a custom attribute, fixed no alert coming up to warn you when switching operators. Core changes: Fixed "Passes JavaScript" condition not working. Added workaround for folders pointing to the mount point of the non-boot drive sometimes resolving as the root of the boot drive.

Fixed Hazel not waking up to delete oversized files in the trash. Fixed script input attributes that are Spotlight attributes not being saved properly. Fixed incorrectly showing the options button for certain actions. Fixed number formatting options not showing up for custom text attributes. Tag field drop-down menu now dismisses properly when clicking on another tag field. Fixed menubar icons sometimes not displaying correctly. Core changes: Sort into subfolder action now properly handles sorting a file into a subfolder with the exact same name.

Now does extra checks for text files so that content matching now works for a wider range of text file types, in particular those without a known type. Fixed Upload action not working for accounts that are full email addresses. Now supplies date added for filesystems that do not support it. Fixed issues with passing of attribute output from one script into another script. Fixed Hazel not properly restarting after an update in some cases.

May not take effect until next update. Fixed case when a duplicate exists at the destination, throwing the file away as directed was being interpreted as an error. Numerous engine fixes. Fixed the "stopped" menubar icon in dark mode not being visible. Core changes: Fixed date matching on non-english dates translating to the wrong month. Fixed number-based attributes being blank when used in patterns. Fixed "did change" operator not working properly with number-based attributes. Made Hazel more lenient with scripts used as conditions.

If the script does not return anything, then it is considered to be the same as if it had returned "false". This should now be fixed. Fixed the throw away duplicates option for certain actions not working. Some rule engine fixes. User interface changes: Various fixes for the tag field. Fixed the preview not showing invisible files when the ScanInvisibles hidden setting is turned on.

Core changes: Fixed date matching in multiple languages that was broken on Yosemite. Fixed worker process hang when trying to match using a certain pattern. New features: Files can now match multiple rules. Use the new "Continue" action to have Hazel continue evaluating rules if the current rule matches and hasn't been moved out of its folder.

Conditions can now use custom attributes defined in earlier conditions. This means: Custom attributes now appear in the attribute pop-up. You can create conditions based on your custom attributes just like the built-in attributes. Custom attributes can be used in match patterns in conditions. When doing this, the first instance of the custom attribute to match has its value captured. Any subsequent usage of that custom attribute must match that captured value. For instance, if you have a custom attribute that matches the text "blah", subsequent conditions which try and match that attribute must match the text "blah" as well, ignoring whatever pattern you set on it.

The same goes for custom date attributes, though in that case, the pattern for the date is still used to parse it; the resulting date must be the same as the captured one. See the help for some examples. Added "did change" operator. You can now monitor whether an attribute changed without knowing what it changed from or to. AppleScripts are now passed in an extra argument, which is a list of custom attribute values.

You can specify in the interface which attributes you want Hazel to send in. AppleScripts in conditions can now export custom attributes as they already can in actions currently. On JavaScript can be used wherever AppleScript can and has the same capabilities. The preview now shows how a file matches against all possible rules. Also, if a rule failed to match, the field s which caused it to fail will be highlighted in red. Pressing the spacebar in the preview brings up QuickLook for the selected file. User interface changes: New graphics and icons.

Cosmetic changes for Fixed various erratic behaviors with tag fields. Numerous tweaks and fixes. Core changes: The Upload action can now properly upload whole folders, not just individual files. Various fixes to upload code. Fixed the Unarchive action not working on certain archive files. Fixed issue with Hazel not being able to add folders beyond a certain limit.

Fixed engine sometimes not being triggered when events arrive while it is in the midst of processing the folder. Tweaked AppSweep algorithm to prevent some false positives. Worked around Apple bug where color tag was being re-applied when doing a Remove tag then Add tag action in the same rule on pre Fixes O'Plenty. User interface changes: Fixed bug introduced in the last version where AppSweep would trigger when updating.

If you already updated to 3. If "anything" is at the end of the pattern, it will match everything until the end of the line. You can use this to capture all the text before or after a certain point on a line. When matching dates on Mavericks, Hazel will now use the list of languages set in System Preferences to match months.

User interface changes: Fixed crash when editing certain types of rules. Fixed crash when App Sweep kicks in. Option to not upload a file if the file already exists was incorrectly labelled as "Move to trash". This should be fixed now. Fixed various memory leaks. Core changes: Fixed Hazel not processing all folders on a drive in certain cases. When unpacking an archive that contains a file whose format also happens to be an archive, but not actually meant to be unpacked, Hazel will leave it alone.

Should be better about finding iPhoto libraries in non-standard locations. Various fixes. Fixed "HazelHelper is damaged" alert on install.

Fixed rare crash. Internal tweaks. Made finding the iPhoto library a tad more robust in cases where the library is not in the standard location. Core changes: Fixed "Add comment" action always appending to the existing comment. Performance improvements when getting comments. Should greatly speed up move and copy operations in addition to fetching comments for a file.

You can now create and remove tags based on a file's metadata and custom attributes. Dates attributes can now be matched against days of the week or month just as the "Current Time" attribute currently can. Just use "occurs at", "occurs before", and "occurs after". User interface changes: Fixed completion drop-down getting screwed up when navigating by keyboard. Fixed " empty " getting added to the name of an empty custom token every time it is edited instead of just the first time. Added icon for "any existing tag".

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Various other tweaks and fixes. Core changes: Fixed crashes when the trash folder for a volume was missing. The "anything" token when matching against non-Content attributes will now match across lines. A bunch of internal cleanup. Can now remove all or specific tags from a file. Existing rules which used this option are automatically converted to do a remove then add. Fixed certain tags not appearing in tag list. Clicking outside the tag field will now dismiss the completion drop-down. When showing a file's info in the preview, tags are now shown in their "token" form with their associated color , instead of just plain text.

Smart quotes are no longer enabled in the shell script editor. Performance fixes on startup and when bringing up the rule interface for the first time. Replaced icons in a couple places with proper resolution-matching versions. Numerous fixes and adjustments. Core changes: Fixed issue where, when updating, it would prompt for a password.

Note that this fix will only kick in after you have updated to this release so it should be fixed when you update to the next release. Fixed issue where matching a date only by month would result in a date one month later. Now it should return Feb 28 or 29 in leap years. In certain cases, when processing a file would result in an error, the scheduler would reschedule the file immediately instead of using increasing back-off intervals. Fixed Create Alias action failing when the destination is "enclosing folder".

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Fixed clicking on tags in the dropdown making the dropdown disappear and not adding the tag to the field. Fixed duplicate entries in the tag list. Made color label picker resemble the newer round tag look on Mavericks systems.

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On Mavericks systems, the color label picker should now show the proper tag names associated with the color when you hover over the color chits. Core changes: Fixed color label action not working for some people on Mavericks. Setting the color on a file will now set all tags of that color on the file, and not whichever one it finds first. User interface changes: Attributes which represented lists of items now have a "contain" and "contain item" operator.

Fixed crash when using the Kind picker. AppleScript editor on Mavericks no longer uses smart quotes, which was messing up scripts. Core changes: Even though tags now replace color labels, you can still match on and set color labels. The color label action will clear any colored tags and replace them with the tag associated with the color you set, emulating how it worked before Mavericks. Various internal fixes and clean up. Should get rid of the rampant "predicted fire time is in the past" warnings.

Core changes: Fixed issue in scheduler causing Hazel to not fire in time for certain events. Fixed for reals this time custom date tokens using the current date even if the token did not match. This should allow you to bypass folders which you may not have permission to view. You can now enter an URL in the server field in the connection panel. When you tab out of the field, it will use the elements of the URL to autofill the rest of the fields for you. The remote open panel should do a much better job at determining which folders are packages. False positives were making it such that some folders could not be navigated into.

After creating a new folder in the remote open panel, the new folder should now be selected. When matching against contents, a space character now also includes line separators. As a result, patterns can now span lines wherever you use a space character in your pattern. Fixed options for certain actions not sticking. No longer display an underline in the formatting options for the single digit case for date components as it was confusing people into thinking it would only parse or display a single digit it actually indicates the minimum number of digits, not maximum.

The two digit case still shows an underline under both digits to indicate that single digit values will be zero padded. Fixed duplicate entries in the server pop-up for the Upload action. Replace text option should now be available for all tokens. Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes. Fixed handling of symlinks. Content matching should now work consistently with text with accented characters. If the region setting is not English, date tokens will match English months in addition to months in the current region setting. Fixed infinite loop when formatting certain odd characters.

Should no longer crash if a script ends up removing the file being processed. Fixed an issue with keychain handling. For content matching, added ability to specify which occurrence of a match should be used 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. When viewing a file's attributes in the preview, it will now list any values for matched tokens so you can check your match patterns.

User interface changes: Fixed crash when dismissing the preview UI. When viewing file attributes, the size value should no longer be stuck on "calculating Core changes: Fixed date tokens not outputting the correct month when used in an action pattern. Fixed not being able to match times using a 24 hour clock i. Fixed execution of external shell scripts. Re-worked upload procedure to improve reliability and compatibility with various servers.

Should fix several issues with uploads. Fixed sporadic crash in the worker process. Fixed sporadic crash. Custom date tokens no longer show text formatting options in action patterns. When creating new shell scripts, the default shell is taken from user defaults.

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Fixed option checkbox for the Open action being disabled sometimes. Plugged several memory leaks in the UI. Other tweaks. Core changes: Rolled back previous change where the user's default shell was run first. Now, the default shell is specified by default in the UI but it can be changed. Shell scripts should run as they did before 3. Fixed crash when uploading a file that already exists at the destination. Fixed debug logging of connection activities for the worker process.

Note that this only works for certain file types like PDF and certain text formats if it can be properly viewed by TextEdit, chances are it will work. Added a custom date token type. Can use it to match dates in text and then be used as a date in other patterns.

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This is akin to using the "source folder" attribute but the hope is that that attribute can be phased out in the future in favor of this, which is much easier. User interface changes: Removed the condition target pop-up from the main rule interface as it was causing too much confusion and was being used incorrectly by novices. It is now only accessible via a nested condition. Rules that currently use it will have an extra nesting level added but should behave the same. Feature Don't block user interface when working in browser. All potentially lengthy operations are now performed in the background Feature All possibly stalled operations in progress can be interrupted Feature Improved error handling -- Feature Failed network operations can be repeated -- Feature A default bookmark can be configured Feature Option to disable spring-loaded folders 98 Feature Individual settings how to treat duplicate files on uploads and downloads Feature Callback to alternate connect mode upon failure FTP 83 Feature Add 'Download To Bugfix Crash or spinning beachball after upload Bugfix Active mode connections broken FTP Bugfix Removed graphical error messages for the sake of simplicity; displayed in log drawer instead , Bugfix Hostname reachability check slow and blocking user interface , Bugfix Fails to delete folders recursively in some cases Bugfix Unilingual builds broken Bugfix Cannot delete symbolic links Feature Marking write-only and non-accessible directories with special icon as in Finder.

Uli Kusterer! Feature New and much improved Bonjour implementation Feature Inline rename files in browser Return key invokes editing Feature Paste files copied in Finder. Bugfix Spinning beachball of death when connecting on some systems Bugfix Better validating drop targets in browser. Feature Dragging files to application icon will upload to frontmost browser Feature Printing browser view Feature Universal Binary Bugfix Child items not refreshed properly in outline view Bugfix Warning before overwrite when moving or renaming files Bugfix Dragging files to the Finder.

Feature Graphical interface refinements Bugfix Caching issue with multiple connections to the same host Bugfix When moving to the parent directory the previous working directory is always selected Bugfix Selected files are always remembered when refreshing the browsing list Bugfix Remove custom icon and resource fork after download Feature Updated navigation bar interface elements Bugfix Vastly improved performance when listing directories Bugfix Do not reconnect if connecting to the same host from a different bookmark Bugfix Sorting history menu correctly Bugfix Refresh issues in outline view Localize Catalan Localization Feature Spotlight Importer for bookmarks Feature Synchronize bookmarks with.

Mac Feature Send custom commands to server FTP Feature Auto scrolling log view Feature Updated application icon Thanks to Admiral Potato Bugfix New connection dialog remembers field values Bugfix Correctly parsing filenames beginning with whitespace FTP Bugfix Don't allow editing files with well known binary file type extensions Bugfix Excluding individual files when synchronising Bugfix Improved stability using outline view Bugfix Remember sorted column and direction Bugfix Sort child items in browser outline view Localize Indonesian Localization Bugfix Resorting browser view will not change selection Bugfix Remember state of expanded items in outline view Bugfix Applescript issues Feature Updated to Growl 0.

Feature Store X. Bugfix Browser refresh issues Bugfix Synchronization Localize Hungarian Localization Bugfix Modification date changed when uploading files from the external editor Bugfix Browser window could lock up when reconnecting and login was needed Feature Disconnect item in menubar. Bugfix Correctly parsing symbolic links. Localize Chinese Simplified Localization Feature Rendezvous services in Bookmark menu Bugfix Upper level directories had to be listed first when uploading files Bugfix Changes to bookmarks won't be saved Bugfix Preference item to disable the update check Bugfix Toolbar item to open downloaded files with default application Bugfix Graceful application termination Properly ask to close all connections and then quit Bugfix Remembering choosen directories in open and save dialogs.

Feature Bookmarks can now be edited. Feature Bookmarks can now be saved as a regular file Drag the bookmarks to the Finder. Feature Bookmarks saved as files can be imported by dropping them on the Bookmarks Drawer. Feature Double clicking a Cyberduck bookmark file in the Finder will open a new browser and connect to the remote site Feature An initial directory upon new connection can now be specified e.

Files can be downloaded from regular web servers. Feature Cyberduck can now be configured as the default FTP helper application. See monkeyfood. This seems to work with Safari and Internet Explorer. Bugfix Dragging files to the Finder is now more reliable. Bugfix The transfer panel does now close again if defined so in the preferences. Feature The buffer size the size of download chunks to keep in memory before writing to disk is now adjustable. Feature Login to anonymous FTP servers where no password is needed is now supported. For example, Chipmunk found iTunes music files that had been misnamed but, were the same song, i.

This is also true for photos. I am very glad I bought Chipmunk. It is fast, easy to use and very useful at cleaning up duplicates. Gemini no longer works. I downloaded last week april it only allows manual deletion, and even then kept warning me about deleting the original. I got a refund and am now searching for a program that works in It is the latest version, and the system is Also, when trying to use the Finder search to locate duplicate items, I cannot find how to add a Size column to the menu, only to the search criteria.

It must be simple, help, please. Also, there is an em dash instead of a minus sign, so I changed that. The two versions of the tools are similar, but not identical. The issue is the — following the grep command. GNU grep interprets this as stdin thus, those lines that have been identified as duplicates by uniq -d , while BSD grep is actually looking for a file called -. Nice article! For some reason a lot of my songs have duplicated, tripled or even quadrupled. Therefore I searched on google and found a good software. It is really amazing to remove all my duplicates all at once.

Ja, that command line fails for multiple reasons. The other seems to be deprecated behaviour in grep.