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FileVault is full-disk encryption that uses XTS-AES encryption with a bit key to preventing unauthorized access to your personal information on the startup disk. All you need to take advantage of this feature is to turn on FileVault in your Mac. If you are using multiple users on Mac, you can enable each user and type in their assigned password.

In the sea of many software and applications, there seems to be plenty of programs dedicated to single-use or single-function. They are good because they focus on one solution, however, they also cost more expensive. If you browse thoroughly, you will discover that there are a few applications that offer sets of operations and toolkits specially designed for Mac. It has three powerful modules: Toolkit, Status, and Cleaner. This feature allows you to create a password-protected folder and store sensitive files in it by drag and drop.

It lets you turn on and off in case you may not use the feature. Free Download. How cool is that?

How to use OS X's FileVault 2 to encrypt files and folders

This program has made an easier way to protect you from possible data theft. Apart from FoneDog PowerMyMac-Cleaner , there is other top performing software that also provides convenience and security. Hider2 has the ability to hide and encrypt data on your Mac securely including notes, documents, photos, etc. One of its positive scores is the user-friendly interface which suits beginner to average users.

Cisdem AppCrypt offers both website and app encryption system that locks you apps and accessed websites with passwords. It creates a blacklist for suspicious access and whitelist for trusted users. However, it does not have the file encryption ability that sets passwords for the desired file and folders. GNU Privacy Guard is hybrid Mac encryption software that uses a combination of standard symmetric-key cryptography and public-key cryptography. It mainly features a versatile key management system to protect your personal privacy and the privacy of the people you are communicating with.

However, since it provides you with a private key for safekeeping, you might end up having a hard time figuring out how to decode it once the keys are lost. Concealer is another trusted name in terms of hiding files and encryption. One of its main advantages is providing and organizing folders by having default templates for various accounts such as bank accounts, email, software registration, and more.

I know you may have gotten confused on which program to use or will work best for you after reading through the different software you can choose from.

You need a program that provides an all-in-one solution that you can rely on when things go rough on your device. We care so much about data privacy and we understand how crucial it is to be well-protected. You cannot simply store important files in your Mac especially when you have multiple users or you plan to sell it later on. We know how much you want to protect your files from prying eyes and suspicious people that is why we have compiled and researched the different programs that can help you secure them. The encryption software for Mac we listed has their own Pros and Cons where you can assess according to their features.

Simply choose a program that will password-protect your files, optimize your system, and provide you with complete troubleshooting toolkit. Do you have any other concerns regarding encryption software for Mac? Please write your concerns in the comments below! Excellent Thanks for your rating. All Rights Reserved. FoneDog uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Accessing the Encrypted Folder & Contents

Click here to learn more. Toggle navigation FoneDog. Android Data Recovery. Broken Android Data Extraction. Computer Data Recovery. Free Photo Compressor. Free PDF Compressor. Conatct Us. Top 5 Best Encryption Software for Mac in By Wian LJ, Last updated: August 27, Encryption is the safest and best way to protect data as it encodes a certain file or information in such a way that only authorized users or those with passwords can access.

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Conclusions Part 1. You can also go to Utilities under Applications.

Top 5 Best Encryption Software for Mac in

This version has official support for macOS Mojave This version has official support for macOS High Sierra This version has experimental support for macOS High Sierra This version does not support OS X As this old version is not supported by Apple anymore, we recommend affected users to update their operating system to a newer version as soon as possible in order to stay safe. As these old versions are not supported by Apple anymore, we recommend affected users to update their operating system to a newer version as soon as possible in order to stay safe.

The v2. They are not actively supported by Apple anymore and we strongly encourage every user who is still using any of these old, unsecure operating systems to upgrade to a newer, secure version. Boxcryptor requires that certain servers can be accessed via the internet. If you have network restrictions in place, please make sure to allow connections from Boxcryptor to the following domains, ip addresses, ports and protocols:.

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Encrypt a Folder with Password Protection in Mac OS X Mavericks & Mountain Lion

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Encrypt Folders with Password Protection in Mac OS X the Easy Way

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How to Encrypt Folders with Password Protection in macOS?

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