How do i check disk usage on mac

Note: If you find your disk space is running out of space, you might need to clean up your Mac in order to free up disk space on your Mac.

Now follow the rest part to free up disk space on Mac with an effective Mac cleaning software MacClean. MacClean is one powerful cleaning tool made to free up and speed up your Mac. This professional software can help you remove all kinds of junk files and cookies from your Mac to get more available disk space. It can also find out malicious cookies to eliminate hidden dangers.

Find out what is taking up space on your Mac

Step 1. Free download and install MacClean on your Mac computer. Take few seconds to finish the installation process.

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Step 2. With a few clicks, CleanMyMac clearing out space within your hard drive and improving the performance of your Mac. It is also available with Setapp. Duplicate photos, files, and documents are another reason Mac users get frustrated with space, speed, and performance issues.

What is this?

One quick scan will solve a long-term problem. It will even find similar files: not exact duplicates but probably similar enough to not need both. Another way to analyze hard drive space and free it up is using Disk Drill. This app helps you visualize the space on your drives and identify files that may be taking up a lot of space.

You can view the files that are the biggest space hogs, as well as permanently delete them directly from within the app. Disk Drill helps you easily clean up your disks and recover your precious disk space. The next useful feature is that you can remove duplicates directly from this application. Also, Disk Drill will alert you to any issues, making it easy to clear space and stop suffering from a slow Mac syndrom. Just open the app from Setapp and enable S. T monitoring. An icon will appear on your desktop, which will automatically monitor space, disk drive temperatures, and performance.

Perform regular checkups with these space-liberating apps, which, by the way, are all available on a single subscription from Setapp. Our newsletter is typed with care for all the Mac-loving app-connoisseurs. Hit Return or Enter to search.

Disk Space Analyzer Mac OS X App: Disk Drill

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