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Minimum system requirements for running Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac are specified below. Please choose recommended requirements if you wish to utilize Final Mate for Mac for the best potential performance. Remember our smile, share the joy with the world!

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Final Mate for Mac. At some point, we expect Apple to resolve all of this with better support for this format. Between now and then, there are strategies you can employ to manage and view your files without pulling out your hair. We will tell you how to extract the MTS files, and how to view them with other programs like VLC or convert them to formats like MP4 your current programs will understand.

AVCHD is accepted as an excellent format for capture of high frame-rate video, and is almost identical to the format used internally on Blu-ray discs. An AVCHD file is actually not a single video file, but a hierarchical file structure derived from the file structure you would find on a Blu-ray disc, containing multiple video clips.

How to Burn Camcorder Video to Blu-ray/DVD on Mac & PC

When you connect your video camera to your Mac via USB, or plug in your SD Card into your Mac, you will see some but not all of the files we described above. If you are not familiar with packages on OSX, a package is a file system folder that is normally displayed in the Finder as if it were a single file. A package can contain hundreds of other folders and files and such. An iPhoto Library is a package, for example.

How to convert MTS to MOV on Mac (Mountain Lion included)

In short, it is dreadful to try to view, organize, and manage these files on OSX, because Apple does not provide adequate tools to do so. Also, if there are multiple video clips in the AVCHD file, Quicktime will show you a list of thumbnails for each video, and then require that you select one before viewing it. This means that all AVCHD files will have the same name, and will not be able to co-exist in the same folder, and thus, organizing these files requires them each to have their own folder.

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Those various clips may span different dates, places, events. Should it go in November, or December? Wedding or Birthday?

Canon HV20

Vail, or New York? The result is that these unused files will take up valuable space unnecessarily on your hard drive. This approach allows you to shed the bloat from the AVCHD files, as well as organize them how you would normally do so, whether that be by date, event, or otherwise. You can upload the photos and videos to PlayMemories Online, a cloud service which can store photos and videos.

Locating and Installing Your Download

Cutting and merging of videos, creating the still image from the video, and rotating of the video or still image can be performed easily. You can create the multi-view video by composing the images from up to 4 cameras into a single screen. Freeware which enables photos and videos to be easily managed and edited on Mac. Install PlayMemories Home.