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Do you play a lot of games on your computer? It is a keyboard that aims to deliver a lot of value-for-money while being affordable for any computer user in the world. Search Terms. How to disable or enable the startup sound in Windows.

Turn off Startup sound on Bootcamp only MBA

Here's how to disable the startup sound in all modern versions of Windows: Step 1: Related Articles. Popular Articles. How to use Diagnostic Data Viewer to learn what is not working in Windows Windows 10 has made the headlines with the fact that it sends all kinds of data to Microsoft. Here's how: Simple questions: What is OneDrive? Why should you use it?

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Trust GXT Thura: Who is it good for? Great solution. This silly thing has been bugging me for a while. The osascript doesn't work for me probably because I'm on Lion. Jeff Atwood OP the software StartupSound. Any other details besides some random software link?

How to Disable Startup Sound in Windows 7

Have you used this software? Does it work well? What is your experience with it? Just to clarify I've used this software and it works great for what the OP wants. It's my assumption that this tiny prefPane app just toggles some internal switch. I'd rather skip adding a entire prefPane item that only controls something as simple as this. Aaron Hoffman Aaron Hoffman 1 6. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Note that some Macs may require slightly different syntax to disable the boot sound, another variation that works on some modern Macs is as follows:.

To return to the default setting and get the boot sound back, you can remove the variable with the -d flag. Back in the Terminal, the command would be like so:. StartupNinja is basically just a GUI frontend to the nvram tool discussed here. If you have another way of toggling the boot chime sound on a Mac or you just want to share your opinion of the feature, which has been around on every Mac since the very beginning, do let us know in the comments. Enjoy this tip?

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Enter your email address below:. Works perfectly. Make both files executable: Check if any hooks already exist these will be overwritten, so make sure it is OK for you sudo defaults read com. Add hooks for muting sudo defaults write com. So in order to do a very simple thing one needs an advanced degree in computer science… I thought Macs were easy to use…. On my MBP all I have to do it turn down the volume of the built-in speakers while in MacOS X, which is different from the volume of the headphone jack that I use all the time.

Then select back the sound output device you were using or plug in your headphones. As someone with an advanced degree in computer science I must have missed the day when we covered basic shell scripting.

Oh that right shell scripting is not computer science… that must be why it was not covered. Then again, props to you for chiming in with an unrelated post about your academic achievements.

How to use, troubleshoot, and repair your Mac

Not a good idea. The boot chime actually means something when doing diagnostics. Again LOL. All the information needed is output via the diagnostic port. The dong is just branding. A diagnostic tool that is rendered useless by muting the sound before rebooting would be pretty stupid.

I have a MBP running I cannot mute or change the startup sound level from what it was set to last. Next thing Apple is going to take away the power button because, of course, we Apple zombies never want to turn off our devices! Thank you for getting to the point. This commentary is almost as annoying as how complicated it is to do something that should be very easy. I thought Macs were user friendly.

At least, it was while Steve Jobs was alive. That comment is true. Apple should reverse it and allow the sound when something is wrong with it, which is almost never. Thank you. Weird thing is that after using this command my mac is restarting and booting slower than befor: I hate that chime…i usually work till late…but in any chance if i had to restart the mac everytime when i restart this wakes everyone who is sleeping…why cant it be played in ear phones when ear phones are pluged…oh god apple give option to disable it or simply played through ear phones….

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Thanks a lot for the info. I have been trying to find a solution for hours. Btw, it works very well on Mavericks. Evidently, the apple people themselves cannot mute this expletive deleted sound.

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Well, it was very loud in the store and I did not hear any boot chime there, but when I got home and turned the machine on the sound was still there, but lower in volume. I have never before heard this annoying sound when mute was activated. After the Pram reset, which in addition to resetting whatever it was supposed to, scrambled my desktop, magnified the whole screen AND THEN made that idiotic sound immune to the mute button!

Apple geniuses could not remove that sound or mute it. Well, the thing that worked for me was a download from arcana research. None of the other stuff worked. Imagine if you live in a crowded apartment. Its real late at night. You need to turn on your computer. Imagine if that happens in a high crime area at night.

Adjust your startup chime volume - Mac OS X Hints

This does work in OS X Mavericks on any Mac, check your syntax to be sure you are properly entering the command. Off topic: How do you stop the Windows systems from chiming on startup? You just go into your theme settings and disable system startup sound. It was also easy to do on an older mac.

Terminal commands to disable a sound is rather extreme, I too dislike the startup chime. Out of the box a mac is arguably easier than Windows PC. However, when it comes to diverse budget range for notebook computers, Windows OS is more available. One may be willing to save hundreds of dollars instead of get aesthetics and a dramatized linux shell. How did you do to get rid of this horrible branding starting sound?