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I know i am not doing something right there. Kiran, Now I understand, you are trying to add the soylattei This is the full path to the Applications directory where the TextEdit. Bruce, well one step closer to success. I could open ". Also I had to give a "space" between ". Only then it opened up.

Well however, unlike in robert Dempsey's video, where the path was displayed in the texteditor for ". Do you have any suggestions? Kiran, Sure, just get the full path to the soylattei While this is not required, it is the easiest way for beginners. Then I would add the full path to the soylatte bin directory to the. Then open a new tab in the Terminal and type 'java -version' as the video demonstrates.

You should see the Java version command's output. Success at last. The java version now displays as 1. Thanks a lot again for all the guidance. However when i tried to download SciPlore Mindmapping software it told me that my version of java was 1. Would you happen to know a fix for this?

It might be best that you also put it in your. Hope that helps. Bruce it didn't work Now i have the following in my. May be i will re start try to reinstall and see what happens. Kiran, What you added to your. I hazard a guess that the problem is that you are double-clicking on the SciPlore Mindmapping software to start it. After looking around the SciPlore website, I was unable to locate a mailing list where you can ask questions about the software.

Bruce, i have already written to them and I am awaiting their reply. When i do hear back i will keep you posted as well. Thanks Kiran.

Bruce, i did a little more web search. May be if you visit this link, blogs. I don't completely understand the lingo there but may be you could suggest something! Kiran, Java 1. Dear Bruce, Did you mean that I cannot use soylatte on my ppc based labtop? I had followed the instructions in this blog but I couldn't open the ". I am unable to find a ". Charles, That's not a problem. You just need to create the. Then you will be able to open it and add the correct PATH. For some reason this is not working. I currently only have two lines in my ". Is that all that is needed?

I have ". My problem right now is that there is nothing happening so I have nothing to report to help you help me. Any suggestions on what I can tell you to help me? But when I just type "java -version" I get the old java version. Then you just need to start a new terminal so that it re-reads the. Bruce, I am not certain why your. I feel that something else is going wrong with my. Thank you so much Bruce, your advice in the comments section allowed me to install the beta 1. I'm happy to hear that the information here helped you out. Let me see if i understand, first i don t have. Its just this?

I need some special terminal? Ricardo, there is no special terminal required. After doing this, you will be able to type 'java -version' in the terminal. Any idea what's wrong? The reason that you are not able to edit the. But since you already have a file that you created named. Once the file is renamed, you can add the correct path to that file.

Then you will will need to quit the Terminal and open it again. This will force the Terminal to read your new. Great, it seemed to create the. And TextEdit doesn't open up at all Furthermore, I exited out of terminal, and now when I start it up, it says You will need to fix the permissions on the. I'm not sure why they are not correct if the file was created by your user.

You can use the chmod and perhaps the chown commands to change the permissions and ownership from the Terminal, but this may be confusing if you're not a Unix guru. For beginners and non-Unix folks, I recommend using the 'Get Info' command from the Finder instead i. Changing ownership is more complex. Well, the owner was on 'system' so I changed that to al the current user that's used on the computer and I also changed the group from admin to al However nothing has changed and terminal still displays the same thing, both before and after I changed each setting from system to al and from admin to al.

If so, it sounds like you will need to change the file permissions. Before attempting to do this, I need to see the file permissions. For some reason, Blogger occasionally sends me emails to let me know that someone has posted a comment on one of my blog posts and yet when I visit the blog post, the comment is not there. I have installed soyalatte soylattei Java Web Start is unable to automatically download and install the requested version.

This JRE must be installed manually. Note that, if i modify the file. What am i doing wrongly? Could anyone please please please help me? Many thanks in advance Simona. This is not uncommon because the. This is why I recommend setting the path in the. But in your case, you need to figure out where the software is getting the PATH. You may just want to set the PATH locally in the shell before running the software instead of inside a config file.

What would be even better is if the software is started from its own script that you could modify to add your own PATH. Very strange, simona posted a follow-up comment but when I visit the comments in the blog entry, it's not there. I tried for first the option of editing the. However, i have modified the. Could you please tell me which are the commands to set the PATH locally in the shell before running the software instead of inside a config file? Thanks again PS You wrote: For some reason, Blogger occasionally sends me emails to let me know that someone has posted a comment on one of my blog posts and yet when I visit the blog post, the comment is not there.

This is what happened with the following comment so I am manually posting it myself. Does it depend on me? I'm honestly puzzled by it. Then you will need to manually start up the software using a command-line command from within this shell. My suggestion to start the software from a script was to write your own script that contains commands to set the PATH and then start the software.

To do this, you will need to become proficient with shell scripts. Ciao Bruce, i solved my problem simply by reinstalling the software, after having installed soyalatte and now it works! Thank you very much for your help!!! Am I right in assuming this needs As I stated in the blog post, it runs just fine on Hi Bruce: I followed your instructions as per this blog to install the soylatte1.

This is what I have on the the. Appreciate your help! To source the. Hi Bruce, I tried both commands and they both gave me "command not found" and "undefined variable" respectively. It is not the best option, but time is of the essence. Thank you so much for your help. It is a very informative blog! Thanks Bruce for answering everyone's questions. Finally got the path where I want it. But now I can't remember the name of the Java file I wanted to run! Kiai Kim, I'm happy to hear that the info here has helped you out. Good luck! Well Bruce, the old computer does not belongs to me and I'd have to return it eventually, so I just went and buy a new one.

It is pricey, yes! I wish I didn't have to do that but I have too much data on that old computer plus I am working out of an external drive because it didn't have enough memory capacity for my data only GB it is a bit annoying to work out of an external drive because each time I open my data file, it starts to browse for the source file.

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So I guess new computer it is. I really appreciate all your help in this blog for all of us novices. Alright, so I've spent a while reading throughthis blog trying to get this to work and when i type in java "version i get -java version "1. I'll bet that Minecraft is not picking up the Java 1.

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Try starting up Minecraft from the command-line in the terminal that properly reports the Java version as 1. As long as the PATH variable is set up properly before you start up Minecraft using the command above, it should pick up Java 1. Hello Bruce, First I would like to say excellent post and thanks. After alot of tweaking I finally got the path set the way i needed.

OK Bruce or Robert i love to play runescape and runescape private servers and what not i am running a ibook g4 and can't seem to do what you have done i followed Roberts tutorial on how to do it but the textedit. Tyler, thanks for giving it a shot, but I've got some bad news for you. Hello, thank you for creating this blog. I have followed every instructions from previous comments What did I do wrong? If you want it available to the wider system I suspect that you're double-clicking on the game then you need to define it in a manner that provides it to the wider context of the entire operating system.

In your situation, you can do one of two things: 1 Start up the app from the shell that sourced the. You can do this by starting up the binary that you want to run from the command-line using the fully qualified path e. This will give Safari access to the environment that is created in that shell.

Hello, thanks for replying. It shows "Java Version 1. For the second instruction, do you mean by entering commands into the Java Applet Runtime Parameters? I am not sure what commands to enter into the box Fish of Fate, Yes, I mean opening the browser or game from the command-line.

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I'm guessing that the reason this is not working for you is because of the order of the Java versions in the Java Preferences. This will determine which version of Java is able to be seen by apps in a system wide manner. After making this change, you must restart the browser or the terminal so that it sees the change. Only after restarting the browser should you make use of javatester. Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes I've opened the Java Preferences before but there is no Java 6 in the list.

Only Java 5. Am I suppose to "install" it? Fish of Fate, that's a really good question -- I'm not sure how to get SoyLatte to show up in the Java Preferences app. I've looked around some and I can't find a way to do it. If I find a way I will let you know. Thanks Bruce!

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I will try to search around too. Do I need to get Java 6 up in the Java preferences first? I hate to take a 6 month hiatus, but I saw I never got answered previously, and I'm still unable to run this program what with my earlier problems I don't know what user is executing this file, but I'm willing to bet that it's the 'al' user. To fix this, you need to change the ownership of the file. This is achieved using the chown command line utility. However, because the owner of the file is the root user, the chown utility must be executed by the the root user.

I took a guess that there is a user named al and a group named al. You may need to adjust this to match your user and group. Once the. I wish I were a bit more savvy at this to maybe be a bit more helpful, lol There's a user named al, but as for group I wouldn't have any idea I would assume so as it being the main user for the computer Whatever you did there however didn't seem to do anything in terminal, unless I was supposed to do something else? Hi Bruce, it's me FishOfate. I downloaded and installed Java Developer 1.

But my RS crashes all the time after long hours of playing. But that is my only fix because soylatte doesn't work for me. Thanks for your help and comments.

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Fish De Caelcum, I'm happy to hear that you found a solution. I'm sorry that RuneScape crashes a lot, you should contact the company to let them know this and to possibly figure out why. Best of luck.

Java for Mac OS X 10.4, Release 9

I'm also not sure why you got the syntax error near unexpected token ';' message. What I actually wanted you to do is copy the results of the ls command and paste them in a comment here so that I could see them. Hm, this? Trash -rw 1 al al Dec 29 What you need to do is make al the owner using the chown command. Once you succeed in doing this, you will need to quit the Terminal app and start it up again.

How do I manage that? With that command? When I put in the su - root, it brings up the 'Password:' but then I cannot type or copy and paste a single line into it -- If I press enter it brings up 'su: Sorry' Am I supposed to do something else? Sorry to be so bothersome, it is quite frustrating. It won't show progress as you type.

Just hit the return key after you enter the root user's password. It won't show progress as you enter the password either. Just hit the return key after you enter your user's password. Trash -rw 1 al al Jan 2 By changing the ownership of the.

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And I did close the terminal before trying the java version command Thanks for all the help so far. From the text edit thing? Expand search. Log in Account Management. This release updates J2SE 5. Article Number :. Last Modified Date. Apr 14, PM. Article Promotion Level. Previous Article Number. Follow Following Unfollow. Ask A Question.